Beamish to inspire youth interest in engineering

Photo by Beamish Museum via Wikimedia Commons


Beamish Museum are hosts a Great North Steam Fair event from April 9 to April 12, with the hope of inspiring the younger generation in terms of their career, technology and engineering.

Beamish is a world-famous air museum which educates the public on old-fashioned vehicles and locomotives through its displays and talks. Paul Jarman, Assistant Director of Transport & Industry at Beamish Museum said this may: “Just be the trigger the younger generation need to ask questions of their own generation and the technology that is taken for granted, and perhaps lead them to pursue a career in engineering or science.”

Dr Alan Fell, Engineering Team Leader at Sunderland University said: “I think it’s very important that the youth partake in engineering and Beamish plays an important role in reminding the public and the youth of their engineering interests,” which could then lead them to pursue it further.

Engineering today isn’t so different to how it used to be 100 years ago and it’s a misnomer regarding “heritage engineering”. Mr Jarman said: “Modern engineering fits the same rules, is underlined by the same principles and has the same spirit of problems solving as “heritage engineering”, it’s just happening now and not in the past.”

Mr Jarman added how: “This link, relevance if you prefer, is therefore explicit and for a younger generation the slower pace of a vintage vehicle or the wonder of a steam engine, might just be the trigger they need,” and inspire them in to an engineering career.

The Beamish event will display more than 250 working exhibits restored from derelict condition such as a steam excavator to a tram, a bus to a railway locomotive, a veteran lorry to a car or cycle.

Speaking about the displaying of locomotives and steam engines, Robin Gibson, Railway Operations and Engineering Manager at the Stephenson Railway Museum, also added: “It’s important to be able to impart this development of social history by displaying and explaining artefacts to the younger generation so they are able to understand how and why society developed in the last 200 years.”

For more information on the Great North Steam Fair visit the Beamish website.

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