North East school children are exploring Japanese styles to learn English and Maths

Kumon Educational UK

A Japanese company providing alternative learning methods has opened four centres in Tyneside after a successful trial with 70,000 students in the UK.

Kumon Educational UK, the company behind the programme, provides English and Maths tuition outside of the regular teaching framework adopted by schools.

Rachel Evans, communications officer at Kumon Educational UK said: “Kumon education is really personal to each student, the tutor caters the work to each individual to make sure that they are getting the best out of their own personal learning style.”

The tuition provides a worksheet based learning method for students Kumon tutor at Whitley Bay, Kelly Skinner said: “They study work which they are already familiar with and can complete independently. The children study daily and will progress through each level, repeating work if necessary in order to consolidate their skills.”

The Kumon Education centres that are available to North East students are located at North Shields, Gateshead, Wallsend and Whitley Bay, with fees varying between centres based on location.

Kumon, the alternative tuition programme, began in Japan in 1954 and allows students to take the classes along side their traditional schooling experience.

The programme has caused controversy as education experts believe that the classes can add too much pressure to students.

Kumon is targeted at students aged between two and 18 years old. A test is used to diagnose and select a suitable learning plan for the child’s study ability.

Kumon differs from the learning done at schools, however, skills picked up at Kumon are transferable to their education experience at schools.

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