Sunderland election candidate Bob Dhillon defends political past

Bob Dhillon

Bob Dhillon, a prospective Conservative candidate for Washington and Sunderland West, has a political past that includes suspension from his party and performing life saving CPR.

Mr Dhillon was suspended from the Conservative Party for six months in August 2013 during his term as Mayor of Warwick.

It was found that he breached the district council’s code of conduct over accusing a council officer of accepting bribes.

The suspension was in regard to proposals to sell off public land near Warwick racecourse – something Mr Dhillon wanted debated at full council.

He said: “I stood up for my ward residents who asked me to protect the land.

“Still none of the questions on the land have ever been answered, but a number of Freedom of Information documents are due to be released soon that may prove they were good questions from a councillor who cared about his community.”

The Conservative was first suspended from Warwick Council in 2011 after a standards committee found him guilty of making false accusations and sending threatening emails over a two-year period.

Mr Dhillon said: “The questions relating to the period were concerns raised by the general public who felt that council officers were not responding in an open and transparent way.

“The residents of Warwick call me the people’s champion because I stood up for them against even my own party on issues that mattered to them.”

Subject leader for Politics at the University of Sunderland, Peter Hayes, said:

“I think that politicians should do what they honestly think is right.

“Sometimes this may go against their constituents but be consistent with their party position, and sometimes vice versa.”

The former mayor made national news last year when he used CPR to save the life of Warwick District Council Chairman Richard Davies, after he collapsed at an event to mark the end of Mr Dhillon’s term.

As a result of his actions, the Sunderland candidate is set to be honoured with the Queen’s Award by the NHS Ambulance Trust.

In regards to the upcoming General Election, Mr Dhillon said: “I am so proud to have been selected to represent the people of Washington and Sunderland West, and promise to champion their concerns in Parliament and bring growth to the region.”

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