Pallion Action Group urge shoppers to support independent traders

Pallion Action Group

Pallion Action Group has urged Pallion residents to shop locally and visit their high street shops instead of big supermarkets.

The organisation wants the people of Pallion to show their support for traders on St. Luke’s Terrace.

PAG, based on Eastmoor Road, are a resource for the community and provide a weekly Job Shop to help improve levels of employment in the West Sunderland area.

Karen Wood, Community Development Worker from PAG, said: “I’m not saying to do your whole weekly shop on the high street, but as often as you can support local traders, you should.

“If independent businesses were ever to close down it would create a sense of exclusion to this area. The last thing we want is to create a greater sense of deprivation and potentially lower the aspirations of the community as a whole.

“Supporting small businesses in the community needs to be publicised a lot more, and we need to re-introduce how cheaper, healthier and easier it is cooking from scratch.”

St. Luke’s Terrace is home to a number of independently run businesses, which include two greengrocers, two butchers and a bakery.

Gary Jenner, owner of Pallion Grocers, said: “We see a lot of regular customers come through our doors, but I would love to see more new faces.

“Supermarket pre-pack their food, whereas the produce we sell is fresher and at prices people can afford. Customers only need to buy the amount they need, we are one of the worst offenders in the world for food waste.”

Christine Mollinson, from Mollisons S & C Butchers, said: “My husband has been a butcher for 40 years and people don’t seem to understand the prices you can be charged at supermarkets.’

She added: “Everything we sell is produced locally, and I would encourage people in the area to show their support for the community.”

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