South Tyneside Against Bullying launch fundraiser so they can support more victims of bullying

south tyneside against bullying stab

An anti-bullying company has set up an online appeal to raise funds so the company can support more victims of bullying.

South Tyneside Against Bullying (STAB) are a non-profit company based in South Tyneside, set up to help those who are or have previously suffered from bullying.

Callum Carr, founder of STAB, said: “We are looking to expand our volunteer team so that we can help more people and raise more funds for the organisation.”

STAB was founded in November 2013 by Callum Carr, who was just 15 at the time. The company is currently reviewing its work and hope to take the company in a new direction.
Carr added: “As well as the training of volunteers, the money raised will help expand our website. We are looking to launch a live chat system so that anyone who is a victim of bullying can contact us day or night.

“We are also looking to launch a one night a week drop in centre in South Tyneside for young people and their families to attend and receive information, help, support and guidance.”
STAB hope to raise just a small sum of £100 through their online fundraiser.

Mr Carr added: “Social media plays a huge part in fundraising at the moment so we are planning some online competitions and fundraising strategies. If we can create a new craze to help get the organisation noticed that should push the donations on GoFundMe.”

Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Fabia Cerra said: “It is very important to have organisations like South Tyneside Against Bullying because you can remain anonymous when you contact them. When I was bullied at school, there were no organisations out there at the time.

“Cyber bullying is one of the most cruel ways of bullying someone. However, the Government aren’t doing enough against bullying. We need cash injections into organisations like STAB so more can be done on social media to educate people.

“STAB are so passionate about helping people. The team are fantastic. I hope that we as a nation can support anti-bullying annually like many charities.”

You can donate to South Tyneside Against Bullying here. If you are being bullied, you can find support on STAB’s website.

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