Mowbray Park war memorial extension confirmed

mowbray park

Sunderland City Council have confirmed construction will go ahead to extend the war memorial in Mowbray Park.

Several months ago local military and charity representatives met with council members to propose plans to add panels to the war memorial wall in Mowbray Park, which was built back in 2006.

The council have now confirmed the proposed plans will go ahead and a veteran’s wall will be added to the memorial.

The walk will feature the names of hundreds of local war veterans and will have floor panels running from the wall across Mowbray Park.

The original wall was paid for entirely through the efforts charity, Brothers in Arms’, which was originally set up in 2005, after Tom Cuthbertson and his wife Carla lost their son Nathan in Afghanistan.

A meeting took place last month between Mr Cuthbertson and a council representatives Graham Hall, Alan Caddick and Mandy Howard to confirm the final planning and initiate construction of the veterans walk.

When asked about the latest developments in the extension plans Mr Cuthbertson said: “It’s been a long, hard slog not only to raise the money for the extension but also to put the proposal forward and now to see it in the final stages makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

Council representative and chairman of the Sunderland Armed forces Network Graham Hall said: “The current wall is unique and will remember those who have unfortunately passed away during service. Although the wall currently suffices it will sometime in the future, become full with no space left and a contingency plan had to be considered or the ethos of remembering those who die would have stopped with that particular memorial.

“There are liabilities to consider such as the upkeep and maintenance, and in the memorials case, the cost of adding the names to it. Local authorities do not have a budget for this so any construction is completely reliant on the money provided by local charities such as Brothers in Arms.” Added Mr Hall.

No exact date has been set for the construction to begin but once plans are finalised the councils expect construction to take place within the next six months.

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