Bring The Happy musical celebration at North Shore

bring the happy map

You can view the Bring The Happy map of memories across here.


Bring The Happy, The Cultural Spring’s newest project, delivered by Invisible Flock, has been ongoing for the past two months.

People’s happiest memories within the local areas of Sunderland and South Tyneside have been gathered and recorded. They are now stored and available to view on an online map.

Rob Lawson of The Cultural Spring said: “Bring The Happy went very well, with more than 1,000 memories donated over the five weeks of the project. There were about 15 volunteers who helped collect the memories.”

These memories were brought together and incorporated into the final celebration held at Sunderland University Student Union, North Shore.

The event featured six-piece band Hope & Social who have also taken part in previous events.

Band Member Ed Waring said: “For us as performers it’s incredibly humbling and satisfying to be part of it.

“On one level it’s just a really entertaining night out for the audience members. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you remember, makes you think.”

This project was the fourth major commission from The Cultural Spring. The three-year Arts Council funded initiative works to get more people to experience and be inspired by arts and culture.

Bring the Happy started in Leeds in 2010 as an artistic response to the recession. Empty high street shops were used for people to donate their memories.

“The project aimed to put a smile on people’s faces at a time of grim economic headlines,” said Mr Lawson.

The Bring The Happy project has since visited several places across the UK and has also been to Georgia. There is the aim for more international locations in the future.

The map of these memories can be found at

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