Wes Brown’s red card revoked thanks to successful appeal by Sunderland A.F.C.


The red card given to Wes Brown, which prevented him from playing in tomorrow’s Sunderland VS Hull match, has been rescinded.

Sunderland appealed against the red card, which was given during a match against Manchester United on February 28. During the match, Wes Brown was sent off in error over a foul. Wes Brown was blamed for tripping up United striker Rademel Falcao, when in fact it was John O’Shea.

Roger East, match referee, believed that he saw contact inside the box from both Brown and O’Shea but felt that Brown caused the foul. Even with consultation none of the other referees could determine who committed the foul so Brown was sent off based on the original decision, and a penalty was awarded to Manchester United. After the match, head coach Gus Poyet said that he would try to get a video so that they could find out exactly what happened and make an appeal.

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