Roadside drug testing comes into force in England and Wales thanks to new drug driving law

Today (March 2) marks a new change to drug driving laws in England and Wales.

The new legislation means the police can now test drivers on the roadside for traces of illegal and some legal drugs for the first time.

This new law brings drug driving in line with drink driving for the first time.

Chief Inspector John Heckles said: “Any impairment to our roads whether it be drink or drugs is a danger to other road users and we want to stamp that out.”

The police have two new methods to check for substances on the roadside, including Drug Wipe, which is a simple saliva test a bit like a breathalyser. The accused will give the sample and the results will be shown straight after. The second method is more thorough,  and will take place at the station where another sample is given and the machine gives a much more analytical result.


Northumbria Police are hoping that this is a warning to people who get behind the wheel with drugs in their system – they won’t get away with it.#####

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