A1 road improvements cause delays in Gateshead


The A1 road between the Coal House and the Metro Centre is undertaking improvements, causing significant delays for people travelling through Gateshead.

The major scheme is being undertaken to widen the road to three lanes in each direction, and to create new parallel link roads between the A184 junctions.

The new road aims to improve journey times, increase the capacity of cars on the road and reduce the number and severity of accidents. The roadworks started on August 26, 2014 and are expected to carry on until spring 2016.

The work is estimated to cost between £58million to £77million, and overnight road closures will happen occasionally to allow for essential work.

The next road closures are due on February 14 and 15, with a full north and south carriageway closure on the A1 Western Bypass between J67 and J69.

Overnight closures will be made easier for drivers, with clear, signed diversion routes, which are available on the Highways Agency website.

From the January 30 a 30mph speed limit was put in place, in both directions on the road, effective until the works have been finished in spring 2016.

In addition to the current roadworks, areas of the A1 were affected from Monday 9, as painters refresh the lane markings on the road, scraping off old paint and replacing it with a fresh coat.

The painting scheme will cost £2.7million and last for two months, the painting will happen at night to minimise disruptions.

Those after more information about the road closures or otherwise can contact the Highway Agency information line on 0300 123 5000.#####

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