The Bridges report highest sales of the year over Black Friday weekend


Black Friday proved to be a huge success at The Bridges Shopping Centre this year.

The tradition, which started in America, has become quite popular in the UK in recent years. This year, sales on Black Friday increased by 60 per cent from 2013.

The Bridges benefited from the influx of shoppers taking advantage of the offers, and reported their highest reported sales of the year so far over the weekend.

When speaking to John Green, the retail liaison manager for the Bridges Centre, he described the weekend as “a massive success for the centre”.

He said: “Black Friday is a relatively new concept in England, so for so many people to have come here and taken advantage of the offers our shops had on is great.

“Compared to our normal weekend sales, which is when people are most likely to go shopping, sales from this weekend show around a 15 per cent increase which is brilliant for us all here.”

A reported £810m was spent by British shoppers over the Black Friday weekend, and many online websites such as Amazon even crashed because of the volume of people trying to access the site at once.

In regards to next year’s Black Friday weekend, Green said: “It’s a bit too early to start planning anything major for Black Friday in The Bridges next year, but looking at how well this past weekend has gone, it is safe to assume it will be returning.”


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