Knifeman who stabbed stranger before warning "I'm going to chop your head off" caught through Facebook profile

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A knifeman who stabbed a stranger in the neck before chasing him warning “Im going to chop your head off” was caught through his Facebook profile.

Attacker Steven Tumilty was tracked down when his victim Jordan Cuthill found his page on the social networking site and alerted detectives.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 12 inch blade used in the attack was just a centimetre away from killing Mr Cuthill.

Mr Recorder Christopher Williams said it was “pure fortune” that the two knife wounds, one to the face and one to the neck, could be repaired with just stitches.

The judge jailed Tumilty, 23, for two years and added: “This was a potentially lethal offence”.

Prosecutor Nick Askins told the court the men had just left a party in Sunderland on May 30 when the happy atmosphere among their group suddenly changed.

Mr Askins said: “Mr Cuthill asked the defendant for a draw on his cigarette.

“The defendant had the cigarette in his left hand and his right hand behind his back.

“Mr Cuthill took the cigarette and turned away, whereupon the defendant stabbed him twice with the knife he had in his right hand.

“Mr Cuthill was stabbed to the neck and right side of his face.

“The knife, he said, had a black handle and silver blade, about 12 inches in length.

“Mr Cuthill asked what the defendant thought he was doing and felt blood running down his neck.

“He told him to put the knife down.

“The defendant said “I’m going to chop your head off” and waved the knife about.

“Mr Cuthill turned and ran.

“The defendant followed him for a time.”

The court heard Tumilty gave up the chase when Mr Cuthill approached a group of people for help.

He was taken to hospital where investigations revealed the wound to his neck was close to his carotid artery.

David Callan, defending, said: “I accept entirely all parties were fortunate that the knife did not go one centimetre the other way, I accept that.”

Mr Callan said Tumilty has made use of his time on remand by gaining qualifications.

The court heard Mr Cuthill had not wished to co-operate with the prosecution and said his wounds had healed well.

Tumilty, of Hylton Street, Sunderland, admitted unlawful wounding.

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