Violent crime in Sunderland city centre 134 per cent above national average

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Sunderland city centre has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the country.

In the city centre, violent crime rates are 134 per cent above the national average.

Aside from violent crime in the SR1 region, Sunderland also has high anti-social behaviour rates, with rates more than 100 per cent above the national average.

According to Howard Graham, of the City Hospitals in Sunderland, the high crime rates are linked to the alcohol culture in Sunderland. In a statement, he said that alcohol and violence in emergency departments are “common” and that they “suffer from Sunderland’s alcohol-focused culture”.

He said: “Until such time as drinks manufacturers are deterred from selling cheap high strength drinks, the problems will remain.”

Northumbria Police’s neighbourhood inspector Mick Hall said: “The policing team is committed to making Sunderland City Centre an even safer place.

“We carry out focused operations to tackle issues causing most concern. Sunderland has a vibrant nightlife and officers carry out patrols on the busiest nights to deal with disorderly behaviour before it has the potential to escalate.

“Those intent on causing trouble and being violent should be warned, we will take action against them and make sure they are arrested.”

Sunderland City Council also released a short statement regarding the recent crime rates, saying: “The City Council and its partner agencies and organisations continue to work together to ensure the safety of everyone in Sunderland.”

With the focused operations and patrols in the area, Northumbria Police hope to tackle this crime problem and reduce crime rates throughout Sunderland.#####

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