Council praised for Ashbrooke clean up

Sunderland Council

Sunderland City Council has been praised for its response to complaints regarding litter in Ashbrooke.

Several residents raised concerns earlier this year about a larger than normal litter build up in and around Ashbrooke.

Since then, the council has stepped up its efforts to clean up the area, and the response has been praised by many of the residents.

Laura Oxley, who lives in Seaburn but works in Ashbrooke, said: “There’s definitely been a huge improvement in the last few months.

“When I started working in Ashbrooke last year there was a noticeable amount of litter in the area, especially outside one of the local schools. It started to get worse around January & February, so I and a few other people complained to the council.

“I’m pleased to see that they’ve made a real effort to improve the area, but I worry that the same thing doesn’t happen again in a few months’ time. It’s important that the council introduce new measures to further discourage littering.”

Since stepping up efforts to clean the area, the council has moved to reassure residents that they will look at ways to prevent a large litter build up in the future.

Peter Wood, a Councillor for St. Michaels ward where Ashbrooke is located, said: “There are several ways we can help reduce litter on the streets. Carelessness is often the main cause of litter – people tend to just throw it away without thinking. We need to continue to educate people to take their litter home to maintain a pleasant environment for people to enjoy.

“In addition, there are a few anti-social people who deliberately throw their rubbish away on the street. A few well-publicised fines for litter louts would also help. There are also instances where litter bins overflow, which can obviously lead to more litter in the street.

“I am confident that the council will continue to do its best to keep litter at bay.”#####

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