Burke to bring next generation poetry to Sunderland this weekend

harry burke

Talented young poet, Harry Burke, will lead a two-hour poetry workshop with a difference this Saturday October 25 at the City Library and Arts Centre as part of the Sunderland Literature Festival.

Burke, 24, from London, hopes to use modern outlets such as social media in the workshop to promote poetry to a younger generation.

He said: “My idea is that we will get everyone (in the workshop) engaging with Twitter search results for specific terms.

“We can then make poems that combine some of the found language from these search results, also with people’s more original statements or ideas.”

25 free tickets are available for Sunderland teenagers who will not only work closely with one of the country’s brightest poets but also have their work published.

Burke said: “I want everyone to be able to print off their poems and stick them up in the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (NGCA), if they want to.”

The 24-year-old has never been to Sunderland but his work is on show at the NGCA’s new Emotional Resources exhibition, and curator George Vasey was keen for Burke to be involved in the festival.

He said: “Harry is one of the most interesting poets in the UK who has quickly established a reputation as a rising star in the international art and literary world. It felt exciting bringing him to Sunderland.”

Burke’s poem realspace was included in the book Best British Poetry 2013 and he has had work published in magazines such as Dazed and Mousse.

Vasey said: “Writing and reading has changed radically over the last 10 years – texting, e-books, social media. Burke is one of a new generation of young artists and poets exploring these territories and seeing the possibilities.

“I think young people will find this exciting – to look at the tools around them and see them as platforms for creativity and potentials,” he added.

The workshop will run from 1pm-3pm on Saturday 25 and ticket inquiries can be made by calling 0191 5611235.





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