Coronation Street footbridge steps to close this weekend

Coronation Street footbridge

The steps to the Coronation Street footbridge are to be closed this Friday because of repeated vandalism.

The footbridge in the East End goes over Sans Street (A1018 ring-road), and provides important pedestrian access for people walking to and from the city centre.

However over the years the footbridge has become an increasing target for vandalism and anti-social behaviour with persistent, deliberate damage to the steps making them unsafe to walk on.

Hendon Ward councillor Michael Mordey said: “The decision to close the steps was only taken after consultation with community partners, who agreed it as the only course of action we could take.

“Repeated damage to the steps was making them potentially dangerous for pedestrians to use, and impossible to maintain. The repeated repairs, and repeated cost of repairs to the steps wasn’t solving the problem so they are being closed.”

The bridge itself will remain open with pedestrian able to use the adjoining ramps.

Cllr Mordey added: “That doesn’t mean however that the footbridge will close, because people can walk to it using the pedestrian ramps next to the steps which were designed for disabled access and people pushing buggies or prams.”#####

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