Refugee Week begins in Sunderland

Refugee Week

Sunderland support group Friends of the Drop In (FODI) is hosting a variety of different events in order to raise awareness and encourage support from students on behalf of refugees.

Refugee Week will include a walk for sanctuary, a World Cup themed football tournament and stories of sanctuary from various refugees.

The stories of sanctuary takes place on Wednesday at St Mary’s Parish Hall, Bridge Street where visitors will gain insight into the lives of refugees and why support is needed.

There will also be musical accompaniment, with the FODI African Drummers performing.

Food will also be provided from different cultures which shall further the understanding of the visitors on the lives of refugees.

The FODI African drummers will then be performing at the Refugee week celebration taking place on Sunday 22nd High Street West, Sunderland and alongside them will be various forms of entertainment including the All Nations Singing Group, Dance, Music, Poetry and Workshops.

Refugee week is a UK-wide programme that seeks to further people’s understandings of the contributions refugees make to the UK and their reasons for seeking sanctuary.

Many senior politicians including David Cameron and Nick Clegg have backed the programme.

It was started in 1998 due to a desire to tackle wide spread hostility towards refugees.#####

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