Northumbria Police seize 167 passports ahead of the World Cup

Sunderland Football

With the World Cup kicking off today, every person subject to a Banning Order in the Northumbria Police area has surrendered their passport.

While genuine fans are free to travel to enjoy the excitement of this year’s tournament in Brazil, the 167 people subject to Banning Orders across the force – 124 in Newcastle and 43 in Sunderland – have handed in their passports and will have to report to their local police station during every England game.

Football banning orders range from three to 10-years. They can be issued to people who are convicted of a relevant football-related offence or who persistently engage in violence and disorder at football matches.

The action also comes as part of the Northumbria campaign Kick Off, tackling domestic violence over the duration of the World Cup.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Andy McDyer said: “It’s satisfying to know that every person subject to a Football Banning Order has surrendered their passport for the duration of the World Cup, therefore preventing them from travelling to Brazil for the tournament.

“They will also be required to report to their designated police station on the day of any England fixture. As all have obliged by handing in their passports, I’m hopeful they will do the same for this.

“We will strictly enforce any breach of Football Banning Orders. Anyone who fails to adhere to their conditions faces being arrested.”

Those subject to a Football Banning Order are required to notify The Football Banning Orders Authority (FBOA) of any change of their home address. Failure to do so will lead to their arrest.

If any of those subject to an order need to request an exemption from any of the above, for work or holiday commitments, they can contact The FBOA and request an exemption.#####

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