Southwick Primary School welcomes the public with community book collection

Southwick Primary Shcool

For the first time, the community in Southwick can borrow books from the primary school as part of the community book collection from Sunderland City Council.

This comes as a cut measure from the council in an attempt to maintain an involvement in reading.

The Community Book Collection at Southwick Primary School is the third largest in the city and the Library services are working with the school to develop activities with reading and activities with books. The scheme is also aimed as a outreach service to the wider community reading. The main aim for the scheme is the expand it further beyond schools and anyone can sign up to the collection.

The council have issued over 13500 books so far across Wearside.

However this may bring up issues with the security of the resources although Deputy Council Leader, Harry Truman maintains that ‘the honesty of Sunderland people goes before them.’

The school has specific supported school staff in the development of the new library, including training their own pupils become school librarians and 18 teaching assistants who will supervise the library.

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