UKIP MEP rules out Conservative pact

The newly-elected UKIP MEP for the North East has ruled out the party forming any pact with the Conservatives ahead of next year’s General Election.

Following UKIPs win in this year’s European Parliament elections, some Conservatives, including former cabinet minister Lord Tebbit, have suggested they would support an agreement between the parties.

However, Jonathan Arnott, who became UKIP’s first MEP in the region on Sunday, dismissed the possibility.

He said: “I don’t see that frankly, because I think people in the North East are looking for a real alternative to the Labour, and those people, generally speaking, are people who dislike the Conservatives.

“If we then do what the Liberal Democrats have done, to repeat their mistake I think would likely lead us to a similar decline.”

It was a view shared by his fellow party candidate for the North East Phillip Broughton.

He said: “UKIP is now an established political party in British politics. Winning these European elections rubberstamps and confirms that.

“We don’t want deals with anyone, we don’t want pacts with anyone.”

UKIP came second in the North East with 29% of the vote.

Nationally, they became the first party other than Labour or the Conservatives to top a national election in 108 years.

Nigel Farage’s party won 24 MEPs and 27% of the vote.#####

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