Labour MEPs jubilant at election win

Silksworth Election Count

Labour’s new MEPs for the North East say they will “work their socks off” for the region.

Jude Kirton-Darling and Paul Brannen were elected as the region’s MEPs, along with UKIP’s Jonathan Arnott.

The Labour pair say they now want to focus on bringing more jobs to the region.

Ms Kirton-Darling said: “In the next seven years, the North East is going to get about £660m of funding, in terms of regional and social funding.

“We’re going to scrutinise how that funding is spent, ensuring that it’s targeting the maximum job creation potential.”

Labour gained a North East seat in the European elections, with both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats losing their seats.

Labour increased their share of the vote in the region to 36%, and came second to UKIP nationally, winning 20 MEPs.

Mr Brannen said: “The Lib Dems have performed appallingly badly. That’s obviously a result of them going into coalition with the Tories.”

The pair beat the leader of the Conservatives in Europe, Martin Callanan.

Mr Brannen said: “Martin Callanan is no ordinary Tory in that sense. We’ve taken out the leader of the Conservatives in Europe, so that is a fantastic result.”

The next major election for all parties is the General Election next year, with Labour aiming to return to power after five years.

Polls released by Lord Ashcroft indicated a significant swing towards Labour in a number of key marginal seats.

Ms Kirton-Darling thinks the European results gives Labour a good platform to build on heading into that election.

She said: “It sets us up in prime position. We saw the Ashcroft polls come out in the last couple of days.

“They suggest we’ve got a big swing in places like Stockton South and Redcar, which would be necessary to turn as much of the North East red.”#####

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