Northumbria Police warn about dangers of legal high

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Northumbria police have issued a fresh warning about the dangers of legal highs.

The warning comes after a 30-year-old man was taken to hospital after consuming the legal high, Rapture herbal incense.

The man was spotted by a passer-by on the Wearmouth bridge and became concerned for his well-being.

He was then taken to hospital for treatment before being discharged.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty said: “People need to be aware of the dangers of these substances.

“As proven in this case, the person didn’t only require hospital treatment because of the effects of the drug on his health, but also put himself in a vulnerable position where he could have caused himself injury or worse.”

Inspector Carty added: “Anyone who misuses drugs, prescribed or non-prescribed, is putting their life at risk.

“They can kill or have devastating impacts on someone’s health as they often contain potentially dangerous chemicals.”

A spokesperson from AddictionsUK, a company aimed at helping Drug users cut loose from their addiction, echoed Inspector Carty’s words:

“No one knows what is in them or what they do. Just because they are legal does not mean they are in any way safe.

“Anything that intoxicates you can put you in dangerous positions, in this case on top of a bridge.

It isn’t just the short term effects either as they can also cause significant damage in the long term to the persons health.”

Anyone wanting extra confidential information on legal highs or any other drugs can contact

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