Sunderland BID hopes to put city on the map

The BID launch.
The Sunderland BID launch.

Sunderland’s Business Improvement District (BID) held its launch event at the Bridges last night to showcase the brand and its aims for the future of city.

BID levy payers and non-levy payers saw for the first time on the “Sunderland Experience It Here” slogan on April 9, which is aimed at bringing more shoppers into the city centre and promoting events.

BID CEO Ken Dunbar also revealed plans to bring more workers into the city centre, make the most of buildings, hold Christmas markets and create positivity about the city in publishing and online.

Businesses  in the city centre voted in favour of the BID proposal, in which they pay a 1.5 per cent levy on business rates to pay for improvements in the area.

Chair of the BID, and Bridges Shopping Centre director, Andy Bradley, and chief executive of the BID, Ken Dunbar, talked about the launch of the BID and what it aims to achieve

Andy Bradley,Chairman of the BID Board and director of the Bridges Shopping Centre was pleased with the turnout at the launch and what the business owners had to raise.

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CEO Ken Dunbar, who will be on hand to put the process into action, has big plans to get businesses in Sunderland known.

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The Sunderland BID boundary.
The Sunderland BID boundary.

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