New streetlights will halve council energy costs

Sunderland Council

Replacement streetlights on the A1231, Wessington Way, will cut energy consumption by 50 per cent, generating £11,000 in annual council savings.

The ‘Sustainable Lighting Project’ involves the replacement of over 200 streetlights on Wessington Way; changing the high wattage ‘orange’ lights to new more energy efficient and safe ‘white’ light lanterns.

As a result, the city’s carbon emissions will be reduced by nearly 50 tonnes per year. The replacement lights will also reduce the amount of maintenance visits needed, reducing costs further.

The project is currently being undertaken by Aurora Sunderland Street Lighting LTD, which has installed over 34,000 new streetlights over the past 10 years. Work will continue between the hours of 7pm and 6am until April 11th.

Councillor James Blackburn, Sunderland City Council’s Portfolio Holder for City Services, said: “Road safety in Sunderland is always a key consideration. Working with our partners at Aurora Street Lighting we have looked to identify projects that continue to keep our roads safe for all road users.

“Due to the nature of the technology we will be using on this scheme the projected energy savings of the new equipment is expected to pay for the project over the next five years.”


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