Unison members call for an end to poverty pay


Unison members across the North East will be organising activities to highlight the low pay experienced by local government workers.

They seek a £1.20 an hour increase in wages to bring the bottom rate of pay in local government to the level of the Living Wage.

It’s a desperately needed increase for the whole workforce which has suffered a three year pay freeze and lost 18% of basic pay since 2010.

The Living Wage is £7.65 outside London.

The bottom pay rate for local government workers is covered by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services is currently £6.45.

A 1% rise, which is what the government cap is imposing, would take pay for the lowest paid workers in local government, to just 30p above the National Minimum Wage of £6.50.

Unison Regional Convenor Clare Williams, said:  “Local Government workers do vital jobs, keeping our streets safe, educating our children and caring for the young, the elderly and the vulnerable.

“But the relentless attack on pay has forced many of them to rely on food banks, pay day loans and in-work benefits to deal with the continual rises in the cost of everyday essentials such as food, energy and childcare.”


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