Businesses in Sunderland set to soar

The Bridges shopping centre, Sunderland.
The Bridges shopping centre, Sunderland.

Sunderland businesses and profits in the city are continuing to strive with the ever existing competitiveness of the retail market, according to the North East Chamber of Commerce.

Even with the current issues regarding the economic climate, the businesses within Sunderland has successfully coped through this with ever growing profits and future plans.

The NECC PR Manager, Bryn Littleton said: “The city itself has seen a great deal of regeneration in recent years, creating an impressive retail and leisure offer in the heart of an incredibly vibrant city. Coupled with SAFC’s success at attracting some of music’s biggest names to the Stadium of Light, retail and leisure provide a significant economic boost.”

NECC Head of Member Relations, Jonathan Walker, added: “Sunderland is home to one of the real powerhouses of regional business and a whole industry has been created around Nissan and its supply chain in the quarter of a century since it came to the North East.

“The company plays a key role in the region’s excellent export performance and employment figures, given that it supports around 4,000 jobs and it is estimated that every job at the Nissan plant supports another four in its supply chain.”

Megan Longstaff, a business student from the University of Sunderland, said: “Businesses in the North East have been on a slow incline with the recent takeover of Corus by Tata Group creating thousands of new jobs in Teesside. This increase in manufacturing demand will hopefully lead to a further growth in businesses in the North East.”

After the city’s latest big construction development began on the empty Crowtree Leisure Centre next to the Bridges shopping centre, the building has been stripped with no confirmation of what will take its place.

The shopping experience for businesses in Sunderland continues to go from strength to strength, with future plans in place to provide Sunderland customers a greater shopping experience as well as maintaining sustainable profits for businesses.


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