Newcastle Road takeaway plans rejected

Picture: Nick Clark
HNH Newsagents. Picture: Nick Clark

Controversial plans to open a takeaway on Newcastle Road have been rejected.

Plans to convert HNH Newsagents in Monkwearmouth into a fast-food shop were submitted to Sunderland City Council in February.

But councillors voted unanimously to refuse planning permission at a meeting of the North Sunderland Development Committee on Tuesday, March 25.

They cited traffic problems and noise levels as the reason for their decision.

The move was welcomed by relieved Monkwearmouth residents, who attended the meeting to voice their opposition.

Mrs Angela Leadbitter told councillors that the traffic attracted by the takeaway would add to existing parking problems in the area.

She said: “Crozier Street is an extremely busy street.

“The residents frequently experience people parking over the driveways to use the shops in the area.”

The 43-year-old mother-of-two said the traffic problems also made surrounding streets dangerous for children.

She said: “Cars frequently race down the back lane and we cannot let our children out to play.

“Kids are taking their lives into their own hands walking across the roads.

“I’ve got a six-year-old who I wouldn’t dream of letting out, and a 15-year-old who never played outside.”

Southwick councillor Rosalind Copeland opposed the plans.

She told the meeting: “We have to listen to the localism act.

“A fast food takeaway has to be a long way away from people’s houses, and this would be just next door.”

But the shop owners said they were not to blame for the traffic created by their business.

A representative and business partner of Hamid Katabi, owner of HNH Newsagents, said: “We asked the council if it was possible to provide some sort of loading bay. They said no, they could not.”

It is not known if Mr Katabi will appeal the decision.


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