Sunderland AFC have contributed £300m to the city's economy

Sunderland AFC at Wembley for the Capital One Cup final.
Sunderland AFC at Wembley for the Capital One Cup final.

Since Sunderland’s promotion to the Premier League in 2007, the team has brought in at least £300m in revenue to the city’s businesses.

It is estimated that the Capital One Cup final contributed over £1m to the region’s economy in a single day.

According to the report released last year by the global accountancy firm Deloitte, a team listed in the Premier League is slated to bring in at least £60m in business per year, even if they finish last in the table.

The hospitality and merchandising industries are reported to be the primary beneficiary to this additional income into the city. Pubs and restaurants as an extension benefit immensely as well.

Elaine Griffiths, owner of the Stumble Inn pub said: “Premier League matches are our life line.

“Match days are some of the most busiest and profitable days for us.”

Similarly, Cardiff University reported last year that over 400 jobs were created in the city when Swansea City were promoted to the Premier League.

These revelations have been made amidst a crackdown by the Premier League on pubs in the country for showing Premier League games illegally in their premises.

It is alleged by the league’s investigative arm that many pubs and restaurants show the games on illegally acquired streams to attract patrons.

In spite of the Premier League’s investigative report, Deloitte shows that businesses in the city tend to make more money on home games when the opposing team supporters stay at the city’s hotels. This trend is noticeable across all teams in the premier league.

With Sunderland ranked as the fourth best small city for Foreign Direct Investment by a Financial Times publication, the economic slump the region has experienced after the financial crisis is expected to fade away.


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