Vintage and craft fair to become a regular event


Miss Manda’s Vintage and Craft fair at Sunderland Minster took place on Saturday, offering over 28 stalls selling vintage clothing and accessories.

The event was hosted by Amanda Bell, who is in her final year at the University of Sunderland studying fine art.

Amanda started to host the event as a hobby every two years but is now organising the event to be held every other month even though out of 1,674 of the people invited through Facebook, only 173 accepted the invitation.

She said: “It allows people to come together in the community and gives local sellers a chance to promote their own businesses.”

Angela Kirtley, owner of Scout, a vintage clothing shop in Sunderland, attended the event.

She said: “Taking part in events like this lets me get my name out. It’s very good promotion for the shop and it’s quite fun as well.”

“I don’t really rely on vintage fairs because I use things like Facebook and online markets to promote the shop and sell products.”

Stalls at the fair sold everything from cupcakes, handmade children’s toys, phone cases to vintage car items.

Amanda’s own stall, Scout and many others, sold a wide variety of vintage clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Others sold unique vintage items suitable for all ages.

Lucy Harnish, who sells handmade vintage jewellery said: “If there were more people I think the event would be beneficial but I rely mostly on online markets, such as”

Scout’s website can be found at and can be followed through and @ScoutFashion on Twitter.

Miss Manda said: “I think it would be lovely if we could get some more students to come to events like this because I think we could benefit from having some younger people here.”

Angela Kirtley also stated that of the people she mostly gets business from, students make up about 50 percent.

Angela added: “I do a lot of promotional work with Spark Magazine, in fact they have now organised a photo-shoot with me.”

Miss Manda is also going to host a similar vintage fair which will take place at the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle on 30 August. Details can be found here.


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