FBU union bosses uncertain of fire station closure

Sunderland central fire station to close.
Sunderland central fire station to close.

Union bosses of the Sunderland Fire Brigade Union (FBU) are demanding a clear future of Railway Row fire station.

Following the statement from Chief Fire Officer Tom Capeling, the FBU have announced their uncertainty to the closure of the city’s fire station.

There has been an unsure future for the Railway Row station and there has been no direct plan of action as to whether it will close or not.

David Turner, the Secretary of the FBU Tyne and Wear said: ” It is very confusing for us as we do not know what the future holds. As it is not just Sunderland that is going to be effected, it is the whole of the North East fire services that are going to be affected”.

If the Fire Station was to close, Sunderland would be without a City Centre station for the first time since 1908.

A petition has been launched top recent the close of emergency service. It is urging local residents to support their fire station and make sure their safety is maintained.

As David Turner explained: “We encourage the local support and we really need to make the public aware of this.”

More than 5,700 people have already signed the petition.

Local authorities have argued that the area can be covered by the outskirts of the town by the Washington, Farringdon and Fulwell stations.

The FBU have already been affected by the employers after the retirement proposals.

SR News went out to the town centre to find out the views of the local people on the situation:

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