Local project hopes to feature in regional play


A Sunderland based project that helps vulnerable men and women is hoping to feature in a play this June if their funding application is accepted.

The play, written by Janet Plater and produced by Christina Berriman Dawson, would be shown at The Washington Arts centre and The Customs House if it receives the funding from the Arts Council.

In addition to these venues, it is also hoping to be shown at the Canny House, across the river from Sunderland University’s St Peter’s campus.

Lydia’s house, an interior design company runs ‘The Doll’s House Project’ that has eight courses running in Sunderland.

Catherine Trillo, founder and CEO of Lydia’s House, has seen a early draft of the opening scenes of the play and is excited by the prospect of it going ahead.

Catherine said: “Using drama, creativity and humour helps to bring a message of hope, home, in an area of high unemployment, deprivation and poverty.

“In mirroring Lydia’s House, Dolls House project, I believe that this play could also be used effectively as a creative and practical demonstration, inspiring others to take a courageous step further and gain the benefits of participating and sharing in our Sunderland based workshops.”

Ms Trillo said: “In the scenes I saw, she (Janet Plater) has managed to portray the relational element of our workshops aims of peer support and peer mentoring with great sensitivity.

“The play also raises just some of the real life issues, the struggles and courage that many women in Sunderland bear.”

Berriman Dawson, who is helping to produce the play said: “We’re about 60/40 confident that it will get the required funding but all we can do is hope.”

“We want to create a piece of theatre that is about contemporary life in Sunderland – that has relevance to Sunderland residents and resonates with them.”

For more information about the projects visit here.


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