Community anger over crumbling Hendon road

The potholes on Mowbray Close
The pot-holes on Mowbray Close

Residents and businesses in Hendon have expressed their anger at the state of the road in Mowbray Close, which is falling into disrepair.

The road, which is privately owned, has not been repaired for over 20 years, and is littered with rubbish and pot-holes.

Kevin Leonard, owner of the Mowbray Bed & Breakfast has been campaigning tirelessly for the area to be improved.

Mr Leonard said: “The road has got worse over the years and it’s affecting our trade. Guests drive up the street and damage their cars on the huge pot-holes that run all away down it, what sort of impression does that give about our business?”

“We want to improve the area but we cant do that without council backing. No-one from the council wants to communicate with us properly, it’s very frustrating.

“Other areas of Sunderland, such as Ashbrooke, have experienced massive re-generation thanks to the council, so the money is there.

“Why not us? Are we second class citizens?”

Mowbray Close is a conservation zone but residents have blamed the council for the lack of investment in the area, which they feel is leaving it behind other parts of Sunderland.

Sunderland City Council are carrying out extensive road repairs near the Civic Centre but for the residents of Mowbray Close, their ordeal is set to be prolonged.

A City Council spokesperson said: “In the case of Mowbray Close, ward members have raised the condition of the road as a concern.

“Following its assessment and comparison to other streets locally and city-wide, it’s unlikely the road will be considered for next year’s repair programme.”

Despite the lack of repairs by the council, Mr Leonard insists he will do all he can to improve the area, but called on other residents to help.

“I pick up rubbish and remove weeds from the path, but it’s hard work. I need everyone in the area to take pride in where they live and make a difference.

“If we all chip in, we can improve the quality of life for everyone here.”

Anyone concerned with the condition of the roads in Sunderland should contact the council on 0191 520 5555.


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