Big changes for Wearside waste disposal site

Biffa VE59FVU

A Sunderland waste disposal site has been given the go-ahead to redevelop their complex into a business park.

Biffa Waste services depot at Quarry Row in Houghton-Le-Spring has been granted permission to transform and significantly improve their site. The type of materials used will be changed in the hope of achieving a safer more environmentally-friendly result.

Biffa senior planner, Mike Harty said: “Our revised proposal will not only reduce the amount land-filled but will also bring and end to the land-filling of general waste.

“We will fill the site with inert materials only to provide a development platform for a sustainable employment park benefitting local residents and bringing an end to landfill operations in approximately five years.”

Biffa’s proposal is to use inert materials only such as rubble, stones and brick which they intend to use as a steady platform in order to create the new business park. The development is expected to be over 4.8 hectares in size.

The senior site manager, Colin Turnbull said: “We took into great consideration all of the residents views and opinions and this was a key factor in making our decision. We reassessed the situation and believe that the new plans are better for all involved.

The site has had a controversial past with repeated protests from a group named RATS (Residents Against Toxic Site), set up by local residents to challenge the actions of Biffa.

RATS Chairman and Independent Councillor Colin Wakefield, said: “The site has now been granted permission to continue for the next five years which isn’t ideal but they are going to use less potentially dangerous material. People have been concerned that the water may be affected by the site but hopefully this won’t be the case.”

“Instead of general waste, the inert substances are better for the environment so it is certainly a step in the right direction for the people living nearby.”

The project is expected to provide offices and new equipment with Biffa believing it will create 50 new jobs.#####

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