Best friends reunite thanks to Facebook


A Sunderland University student has reunited with a long-lost childhood best friend from Kuwait after four years of search thanks to Facebook.

Computing student Abby Brookes, 21, from Hendon lived in the capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City, for seven years where she met her best friend Sophie Williams, 20.

Abby lost contact with Sophie, who now lives in New Zealand, after her family moved back in the UK in 2004. But the friends were able to reunite after Abby found Sophie on Facebook by entering the school name that they both went to, into the Facebook search engine.

Miss Brookes said: “Me and my family spent years trying to find contact details for the friends we had made in Kuwait and then a simple Facebook search resulted in me finding Sophie. It also resulted in us having regular communication and meeting up in the UK.

“We met at the Birmingham Bull ring with our parents and spent the day shopping together, going for a meal, where we talked about the past and what we are doing now.”

Abby’s mum, Julie Brookes said: “Abby was over the moon to see Sophie and they just talked and talked about their memories of being in Kuwait and what they were currently doing.

“Abby and Sophie were both upset when we had to go, but since then we have managed to keep better contact between both families.”

Abby was four when they moved in Kuwait as her father was working for the British Army and she was 11 when they came back in the UK.


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