Ashbrooke residents raise litter complaints

One of the streets in Ashbrooke
One of the streets in Ashbrooke, Sunderland.

Residents have called on Sunderland City Council to take action over the increasing amount of litter in Ashbrooke.

In recent months, there has been a rising number of complaints over the amount of litter in Ashbrooke, in particular the area around the Park Lane Interchange.

With the problem showing no signs of improving, residents have called on the council to help clear the area and to discourage people from dropping any more litter.

Stephen Lowrey, who works in the area, said: “There does seem to be a large build-up of litter, especially in the area around the interchange and the metro station. This is in contrast to the streets around the Civic Centre and University metro station, which all appear to be quite tidy most of the time.

“I think that the council should be more aware and should deploy street cleaners to those problematic streets on a regular basis.”

However, the council has defended the area and stated that only a few residents have complained about the litter.

Peter Wood, Councillor for St. Michael’s Ward where Ashbrooke is located, said: “Ashbrooke is one of the city’s more pleasant areas and any litter detracts from it’s appearance.

“With one or two schools in the area there is, perhaps, more litter than would be found in most residential areas but as a councillor, I receive very few complaints from residents about it.

“I find that the council always responds promptly to the occasional requests I make to them to clear the litter in the area.”


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