Washington museum appeals for funding


The North Eastern Electrical Transport Trust and Aircraft Museum (NEETT) is appealing for funding to make the museum bigger and better.

The appeal follows Washington’s 5oth anniversary on becoming a new town.

The museum that showcases the history of British Transport and its importance in the Sunderland will use the money to allow other forms of transport to be showcased.

John Spelling, a trustee of NEETT, said: “We have applied to the lottery fund and we are going to organise special events such as a vehicle rally.

“We still encourage the people within the area to dig deep in their pockets to support us.

“The items that are already located in the museum are all cared for by the volunteers – they restore trams, aeroplanes and other antique vehicles.”

The museum welcomes any more volunteers who can give some of their time to support NEETT.

The NEETT was also fortunate to receive a donation from a war-time building from Durham City Council.

Mr Spelling said: “Since the donation from Durham City Council and our expansion of the tram shed, we have seen an increase in the number of visitors but we still welcome the support to make the museum bigger and better.”

For information on how to support the NEETT visit their website here.


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