Ex student is a life-size cake designer


Sunderland graduate Lara Clarke appeared on This Morning earlier this month for her unique talent of  making life-size cakes. 

Ms Clarke, 27, bakes and designs cakes based on famous people or characters at her bakery called Tasty Cakes, which started as a hobby but turned into a business.

Presenters Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby were one of the people who got their baked likeness carefully crafted by Lara.

The ex performing-arts student at Sunderland University said: “Usually I make some of my own accord but ITV got in contact for me to make Holly and Phil.

“They have contacted me in the past to make one of Paul O’Grady and the McFly cake toppers that appeared on The Sunday Scoop.”

Lara took the inspiration of creating the life-sized cakes from American TV shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes, where she has already appeared on TV shows such as The Chew and OMG! Insider as well as the New York Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers.

She said: “They are my inspiration, they are the reason I got into these big cakes. It is my dream [to appear on a UK version].

“I also want to inspire people like in the same way they inspired me.”

 The 27-year-old discovered her talent when she was asked to make a cake celebrating her parents’ silver wedding anniversary, which went down a storm.

She said: “When I stepped back and looked at the finished product I was quite pleased. But when I revealed it at the party everyone shouted ‘wow’. It was a great feeling.

“I learned a lot more at Uni than just what I studied: I found a lot out about myself and it gave me the confidence to try new things.”

The process of making the large-scale cakes is fun but it can also be hard work to Lara as she works on her own as she is self-employed: “I do this all by myself so in order to keep the cake fresh, things need to be done quickly.

“I think if I had someone else baking the cakes, cleaning up after me and getting me supplies I would be a lot less stressed.”

It’s not only famous faces in the baking tin that Lara enjoys making but she also takes requests, which don’t even have to be human: “ My favourites are the one of Johnny Depp – the feedback was incredible .

“I have a soft spot for my Grinch cake as it was my first big cake and I’m really proud of it still.”

“However, my weirdest request was of a dog for its birthday. But I loved how it turned out as it was awesome!”

Where can Lara take Tasty Cakes next? It looks like there are still many more cakes to be made as Lara tells us of which faces she would like to take the piping bag to next: “I would love to make one for Simon Cowell or Sharon Osbourne.”

You can visit Tasty Cakes’ Facebook page here.


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