The Bunker runs Rock School for young carers



Sunderland based music organisation, The Bunker, has launched a ten week Rock School project for a group of young carers.

The Young Carers Can, part of the The Carers Trust, has provided funding for up to 16 young carers, aged between 11-13, to attend Rock School, where they will learn a variety of instruments and how to form their own bands.

The carers usually attend a weekly session at the Sunderland Carers Centre, but they will now attend The Bunker instead.

Claire Alderson, from the Carer’s Centre, said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for the young people to have the opportunity to go to The Bunker and get involved with something they’ve never done before.

“For a lot of them, it’s their few hours of down-time a week so engaging them in activities such as the rock school can be a lot of fun with their friends.”

The project, ran by Stephen Fay, is aiming to combine structured musical activities with the fun and social side music brings. It will end at the end of March.

Mr Fay said: “I have worked on many rock school projects, but this is very exciting to have a large group of young people in every week.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work – they’re very talkative. I think it’s great that The Bunker can offer services like this.”

Hannah Matterson, who works for The Bunker, said: “At The Bunker we aim to provide a wide variety of music services and facilities, especially to people who may not have access to them or be able to afford them, and our rock school projects are a great way of doing this.

“We want the young carers to have fun. For the group that come on a Wednesday night, it’s their couple of hours a week where they can relax and be with their friends so it’s important for us to make it an enjoyable experience as well as them learning something.

“Ultimately, they’ll create something to be really proud of while having a lot of fun.”

The project will last ten weeks, where every Wednesday evening, the young carers will attend a two hour session.

At the end of the ten weeks the youngsters will have recorded their own album as well as performing in front of their friends and family in the final session.

For more information on Carers in Sunderland click here or check out their Facebook page.

To find out more about Rock School projects, contact The Bunker on 0191 5671777 or email


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