Why doesn't the National Glass Centre stock many Valentine's cards?

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A rumour that the National Glass Centre does not stock many Valentine’s Day cards because students and lecturers at Sunderland University “are not romantic enough” inspired SR News to talk to some students and the Centre to find out more.

Students from the University were asked about what they thought about it, and their thoughts on Valentine’s day.

John Connell, 19, a Journalism and PR student said: “I would say that the University hasn’t done anything to promote today, and that’s not enough to say that the people here aren’t romantic at all.

“I am a softy, so I’m going home and taking my girlfriend to France tomorrow. I know we’ve missed the day but I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Craig Johnson, 20, who studies Psychology, said: “I don’t agree with that. There’s lots of other people, other than students and lecturers who go the Glass Centre.

“They probably should be selling some, they sell all sorts of other stuff like books so they could sell a glass love heart or something like that.

“I’m not a romantic at all, I’m always single when it is on. I might spend the night at the library or go round to my friends house.”

Lauren Sorsby, 20, studying Computer Science, said: “I haven’t seen anything about Valentine’s day but I guess people are romantic today, if they are with someone.

“I’m not romantic in the slightest so I’ll be staying in with friends and watch TV, pretty much what I do every year on Valentine’s Day.”

Ellie Martin, 19, who works at Boots and attends the University, added: “I’m not surprised the University isn’t big on Valentine’s Day, everywhere else seems to be. But I would have thought they would have organised something to celebrate the day.

“I’d like to think I’m a romantic but that does come down to who I’m with me. I’ll spend a night in watching films and relaxing before the weekend.”

A spokesperson for the National Glass Centre said: “There were a few sold so we decided not to bother. But we have plenty of other things we sell.

“We stock what we sell.”


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