Creative Apprenticeships launch at The Bunker


Twelve young people from the North East were chosen to take part in an arts project launched at The Bunker.

The project is run by local training company Monumental Training, supported by some of Sunderland’s most successful musicians.

Monumental Training’s Adrian Woodland, who leads the first workshop sessions, said: “Creative Apprenticeships allow a team of young people to work within music and creative arts, to gain experience from their own projects and, hopefully, fall into employment.”

For a year, apprentices will be working on a range of projects such as running a magazine, working on a radio station and an online TV channel.

The scheme also aims to develop their skills further by working on community arts projects, performing experiences, promotion, lighting, sound and even finance.

Jonathan Cooke, 22, from Middlesbrough, one of the twelve apprentices, said: “Within the music industry the more people you know and the more contacts you make  the more opportunities you have.”

“I am expecting to meet some great contacts, some great networking opportunities and, hopefully, get my foot in the door of the music industry.”

The plan is to finish the apprenticeship with a big live event in Sunderland, details for which are yet to be revealed, with the apprentices running, organising and even performing in it.

Creative Apprenticeships are supported by some of the biggest names in Sunderland’s music scene, including Barry Hyde from The Futureheads, Peter Brewis from Field Music and all the members of Frankie & The Heartstrings, who volunteered to get involved and act as mentors, helping the project.


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