Sunderland treated to sand sculptures from travelling artist

An eighteen-year-old travelling artist showed Wearsiders the wonder of sculptures in the city centre.

Georgica Manolache, from Romania, was creating a dog out of sand in the Market Square on Friday to get some extra cash.

He was in the city just for a day, having been travelling around the UK, and remarked that his next stop would be Edinburgh.

Georgica said: “I like sculpturing, but I would like to get another job.

“In my country, my father was building houses, so I hope I will do the same in England.”

He also said that it was his uncle and brother that taught him to do the sand shapes.

Georgica, who has been in the country for a year now, has been living in Liverpool where he travels back every night after he finishes with his sculpturing in one of the country’s cities.


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