Teenagers saved from river bank near South Hylton

Photograph: RNLI/John Falvey
Photograph: RNLI/John Falvey

Two teenage boys were rescued by a lifeboat on Monday after they were stranded on the north bank of the River Wear near South Hylton.

This is the first time Sunderland Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) has been called for a tidal cut-off in the area.

They said that this area of the river usually receives call outs due to people fallen in the water while they were on pleasure cruises.

The boys realised they were trapped between the rising tide and the sheer rock face behind them and called a friend, who called the emergency services.

A volunteer lifeboat from the Sunderland RNLI provided assistance and was able to pick them up and transport them to safety.

Luke McGill, a crewman at Sunderland RNLI, said: “After the alarm was raised the lads made the right decision to wait for our assistance, as if had they tried to swim or climb up the rock they could have got into a lot more trouble.”

The RNLI had been informed that one of the boys had a fractured wrist, but it turned out to be a pre-existing injury.

Neither of the boys sustained any injuries during their ordeal.

Mr McGill added: “It is worth bearing in mind that the river is tidal just as the coastline is, certain areas that are accessible at one part of the day can become a trap later.”


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