Students disgusted at excrement on pathway

Panns Bank at the University of Sunderland
Panns Bank at the University of Sunderland

Residents at University of Sunderland’s halls, Panns Bank and Scotia Quay, were shocked to discover excrement on their main pathway.

Students have reported seeing three different deposits of excrement, human or animal unknown, on a pathway which they need to use to get to the city.

The path, following Panns Bank and Bridge Crescent, is said to be often full of remnants of drunken antics scattered down, but now it seems to have escalated into something worse.

Panns Bank resident, Sarah Heseltine, said: “Back in January, an entire pumpkin was smashed on the ground, and a lot of it is still there, now it’s this.

“My timetable at University means I often walk up and down that path in the dark, and I’m always conscious of what I may step in. We shouldn’t have to be dodging stuff like this.”

According to the council’s website, they are responsible for the maintaining and repairing of pavements in Sunderland, but this particular path seems to be ignored.

The council were contacted for comment, but at the time of submission there was no reply.#####

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