Budget gym set for approval in Southwick

Plans for a new budget gym to open in Southwick have moved one step closer to becoming reality after receiving council approval.

The proposal to convert an empty call-centre on Wayfarer road into a gym run by Leeds-based Xercise4less was given the go-ahead by councillors at a meeting of the North Sunderland Development and Control Committee, on Tuesday.

However, it still needs to be okayed by the Secretary of State.

If fully approved, the gym will create 40 new jobs.

Xercise4less markets itself as “The People’s Gym,” offering membership at £9.99 a month.

Xercise4less Chief Executive Officer Jon Wright said: “We’re here to ensure people of all ages, and fitness levels, can benefit from great facilities, with cost not being a barrier.

“The fitness industry has become very greedy and there’s no need to charge members sky high prices. A good gym can be run very economically.

“We’re excited about our further expansion in the North East and will continue to extend our services over time to suit the needs of all our members.”

If approved, the gym will be also the eighteenth branch of the franchise to open in the North of England.#####

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