Tyne and Wear Metro operator fined over interruptions

870px-Tyne_and_Wear_Metro_train_4029_between_Tynemouth_and_Cullercoats copy

Photograph: Chris McKenna

The operator of Tyne and Wear metro has been charged £500,000 over interruptions on the metro network.

The German firm, DB Regio, has been penalised by Nexus for their poor performance in running the Tyne and Wear metro service over the last year.

This penalty is due to missed punctuality and reliability targets that they were set at the beginning of 2013 as part of an Operating Performance Regome (OPR) and Service Quality Regime (SQR).

The performance regimes are there to indicate the experience of passengers using the service and if this experience is identified to be bad then DB Regio, who runs the trains on behalf of Nexus, has to be fined.

These targets were set in order to keep a professional service running for the course of the year and to ensure that the public were kept happy when using the service.

A Nexus spokesman said: “Metro has suffered problems during 2013/14 and at this time £200,000 of additional performance penalties, over and above an original £300,000 budgeted for, are expected to be levied on DB Regio.

“Our passengers will sadly be well aware of the problems last year, though we’re pleased to say things have improved a great deal since then thanks to the hard work by Nexus and DB Regio.”

The period between trains is measured at 15 locations around Metro and compared with the interval in the timetable, with penalties weighted according to predicted passenger numbers at the time of any delay or cancellation.  This indicates that the operator is charged more heavily for interruptions in a city centre during the rush hour than in quieter periods.

Nexus added: “It’s worth saying that the Metro performance over the last two months has improved a great deal.”


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