Police advise fans of hold back after Tyne-Wear derby

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Northumbria Police is advising Sunderland fans of the short hold back taking place at full time after the Tyne-Wear derby on Saturday, February 1.

Similar to previous derby matches, officers are asking Sunderland fans to wait in St James’ Park for a short time after the final whistle.

They have advised that the holdback will be kept to a minimum amount of time and is in place for everyone’s safety.

They are also encouraging Sunderland supporters to use the free coaches provided by SAFC, which will leave the Stadium of Light at 10.30am.

Supporters will be asked to wait until the area outside of St James’ Park is clear of Newcastle fans, then they will be able to leave the ground and make their way to their transport.

Operations Commander Chief Superintendent, Steve Neill said: “The Tyne-Wear derby is a fantastic event that football fans across the region and country look forward to and we’re working with clubs, local authorities and fans to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

“We’re asking Sunderland supporters to work with us as they did last season and stay back for a short period of time after the game – this allows us time to clear the immediate area outside for us to escort them from the stadium and to their transport.

“We’ve carried out hold backs of supporters in the past at matches both at St James’ Park and the Stadium of Light, and they’ve worked well – fans fully understand why we do it and are co-operative with officers and stewards.

“The facilities will be open so it’s as comfortable as possible for the waiting Sunderland fans and we’ll bring supporters down as swiftly as possible.”

For more information please visit the Northumbria Police website.


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