Police appeal after man stole tablet and laptop from a Sunderland University building


Northumbria Police are trying to discover the identity of a man who stole expensive items from Sunderland University’s Reg Vardy Building yesterday.

The man, described as white, 5ft 8 tall, slim build, wearing a blue hoody coat and black trousers, stole an Apple Tablet, Dell lap-top, a coat, keys and other items.

The theft took place between 12.06pm and 12.19pm on January 23 at one of the offices in the building, at St Peter’s Campus.

Sunderland University security manger Andrea Dobson said: “The St Peter’s Campus is probably one of the safest campuses in the North East. We have very, very few incidents on this campus. It is a safe place.

“The campus is set aside. We’ve got security on site, managing the site. But there’s always an unscrupulous person who would want to come in and try to steal things.

“We do have issues in the library, where students will come in, find a computer and put their mobile phone, iPad and wallet down. Then they will do a little bit of work and walk over the printer. While at the printer someone just walks around and takes their mobile phone. And that’s the message: look after your stuff.

“If you are going to the printer take them with you. Don’t just leave them unattended. And similarly, in the office areas staff should lock their bags in a drawer. So if you do disappear somewhere they are not left unattended.

“The last time a walk-in theft, which is what the yesterday’s was, happened on this campus was in November 2012, when somebody walked in and stole a laptop from David Goldman Building.”

A Northumbria Police booklet ‘So you’ve moved out of halls into your own place’ is available for download on the police website offering tips and advice on looking after property.

Students can find helpful tips on securing their flats and property here.

Police are appealing for witnesses, who were in the area and who may have seen or heard anything suspicious is asked to contact them.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, extension 69191, quoting log number 526 of 23/01/14 or ring the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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