Coca Cola Christmas truck in Sunderland

The iconic Coca Cola Christmas truck was in Sunderland after a poll suggested the city to be among one of the kindest in the country.

The poll, conducted by the Coca Cola, added Wearside to the truck’s destination list and it was able to mark the beginning of the festive season yesterday.

The truck was parked a few yards away from the Park Lane Interchange from 11.30am to 7.30pm, with members of the public free to take pictures in front of it – which was arranged by Coca Cola.

“We’re pretty excited to see the truck for the first time,” said Jacob Scott, 16, a student at a city college who had been queuing for two hours for a chance to get a photograph taken by Christmas truck.

Coca Cola was also distributing free cans of their regular and diet drinks throughout the evening.

Chris Howson, 43, resident chaplain at the University of Sunderland, pointed out the Coca Cola company’s social issues are affecting global policies.

He said: “This is brain washing kids. This is ‘Coca-Cola’sation’ of Christmas.

“They are giving away loads of free sugary drinks to cover up their association with terrible human rights abuses around the world.”

There were also a few amusement rides setup on the lane, leading to the interchange, to entertain the youngest.#####

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