Election Updates

EU Ref: Counting Underway

EU Ref: Counting Underway

The Polls have closed and counting for the EU Referendum  is now underway across the UK. The first results of the count that will decide Britain’s future in Europe are expected in at 12:30am. Sunderland are expected to keep with tradition and be one of the first to declare results. According to […]

Nick Brown, Labour MP, Newcastle East

Newcastle MP slams plans for a North East regional mayor

A former government minister has spoken out against the upcoming Mayor for the North East. Speaking at an event in Newcastle campaigning against a regional mayor, Newcastle East MP, Nick Brown, claimed that the proposed Devolution Agreement is not fair to the region and thinks the people of the North […]

London, United Kingdom. 7th May 2015 -- Polling station placard outside Lighthouse Baptist Church Hall in Tower Hamlets. ?. -- Voters in East London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham vote at the 2015 General elections, as Britain heads for a second hung parliament in succession? with ?preliminary results show?ing that? Labour and Conservatives tied at 35%.
East Londoners vote at the 2015 elections

Students urged to check on right to vote

  Sunderland students may have lost their right to vote after an electoral shake-up. The voter-registering system has been changed so that universities can no longer “block register” students living in halls of residence.. Under the new system, that has been scrapped and students will have to register as individuals. […]